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Im Charlotte Allen, you can often find me on our family sheep and goat property Aliven south of Roma, QLD along with my husband and our 3 kids.

Growing up in the northern suburbs of Brisbane I came to find a love for the idea of life on the land. I remember the first time I connected to farming was at the EKKA when I saw 2 boys around the same age as me in their school uniform holding the lead of some sheep, from their I questioned my mum finding out that there are schools that do Agriculture.

I was hooked, we found an Ag school near us and all I remember in my last 3 years of schooling was working  on the school  farm, alongside Gill the farm hand, stacking hay, halter training cattle, moving panels, fixing pipes and the cattle shows with my mates

Life’s changed abit since then but the one thing that hasn’t changed is my passion for life on the land.

The Freedom

The Stories

The Team Work

The Animals

Something about it all just makes me feel so alive.


"Aliven" Roma, QLD 4455
0429 335 952